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Organizational Set-up

National Congress

The General Workers Union statute identifies the National Congress as the highest body of the Union. It assembles every four years. The National Congress is the forum in which all the assembled Delegates decide and adopt the Union’s policies for the future. The National Congress is also responsible for electing the Central Administration and the International Secretary. 

National Council

The National Council is the Union’s governing body. It is composed of the Central Administration Sections’ Secretaries as well as representatives from the same sectors. Both the Pensioners’ sector and the GWU Youths are also represented in it with the right to vote during the decision-making process.


Central Administration 

The members of the Central Administration are elected by the National Congress for a term of four years. The Central Administration is the executive body of the GWU composed of the President, Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General. The members of the Central Administration are elected by the National Council.


Sections’ General Conferences

All Delegates, Shop Stewards, Collectors and Group Committees are appointed every four years at the Sections’ General Conference. Before the General Conference of each Section there will be a call for a motion and for nominations for the officers and members to form the Executive Committee of the Section for four years.

While the Sections’ Secretaries are appointed every four years by the Conference of their respective Sections, the International Secretary is appointed also every four years by the National Congress.

The GWU’s eight Secretariats are run distinctly by their Executive Committee composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and a number of members which normally do not exceed twelve persons.

According to the Statute, the Executive Committees are to call at least 12 meetings annually (preferable monthly) or as deemed necessary in order to discuss issue that arise, extraordinary circumstances and the management of the Section.

The Sections’ Secretary is responsible for the management of the Section and he occupies the post on a full-time basis while the rest of the elected officials are on a part-time basis.


The Delegates are divided into groups and put into each section, of which, some are chosen to represent the section at the General Conferences and National Congress of the Union. Delegates are elected every four years during the group general meetings, which are chaired by the Administration of the respective sectors. The delegates represent the diverse groups of workers who are members of the GWU. They also appoint Union officials who together with the National congress are responsible for the best leadership for the Union.



The GWU is open to all workers irrespective of their status, wages, or salary. Pensioners and Youths can also join the Union through their respective associations. Union members are organised in different trade secretariats according to their profession, sector, or trade.

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