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Discussions on the minimum wage continue

It is important to continue discussions on how we can improve the quality of life of citizens in our society, especially the most vulnerable. This is part of a healthy social dialogue.

GWU proposed a study on the National Living Wage this year, which was presented to both MCESD and the political parties. The GWU actively participated in a discussion on the second mechanism COLA and met with the Minister of Social Policy and Children’s Rights this year to see if we can improve this social measure.

Since April, the GWU has been very active in discussions about the minimum wage. Discussions held within the framework of the agreement signed by the social partners together with all political parties. The agreement states that every four years there should be a discussion on whether the minimum wage should be reviewed.

In 2018, these discussions were started and have intensified in recent months. Several studies have been conducted to have these discussions so that we know that the minimum wage and low wage earners have a decent income that everyone deserves.

GWU General Secretary Josef Bugeja pointed out that minimum wage earners are workers who are not in a union, as everyone who is in a union is paid more than the minimum wage. “As GWU, we strongly believe that the minimum wage should be increased.

“At the moment we are constantly having discussions, as the Prime Minister said. We are confident that we will find a satisfactory agreement. Right now is a delicate time as we are trying to find the best solution. We are doing this because we believe that a worker should have a decent and adequate income,” Mr Bugeja reiterated.