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New collective bargaining agreement for Toly Products employees

After the negotiations on it were interrupted because of the pandemic Covid 19, in the last days the collective agreement for the employees of the company Toly Products was concluded and signed. This agreement is valid until December 31, 2025 and comes into force retroactively from January 1, 2020.

Through this collective agreement, the company’s employees will enjoy not only better wages and other financial benefits, but also better working conditions and a better working environment.

Indeed, the agreement includes new clauses that allow wages to be aligned with employees’ skills. In this context, the company has undertaken to offer its employees training to expand and improve the skills they already have.

The collective agreement not only provides for more flexibility in the workplace, but also takes into account health and safety measures with the aim of providing workers with a working environment free of any hazards.

For Toly Products, the agreement was signed by Andy Gatesy, chairman and chief executive officer; Stephen Vella, chief human resources officer; Nicholas Xuereb, chief financial officer; and Danica Ann Attard HR, business partner.

Signing on behalf of the GWU Chemical and Energy Section were Rita Dimech, Section Secretary, and David Aquilina, Desiree Cassar, Romina Pace Vella, Christopher Richard and Mario Sammut, representing the employees of the company belonging to GWU.

The signing of this new collective agreement is proof of the excellent relations that have long existed between the two sides. It is also proof that Toly Products and GWU are willing to continue working together in the future for the benefit of the employees and the company.