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Further collective agreements signed by GWU

The series of collective agreements signed by GWU with various companies continues, leading to further improvements in wages and other working conditions for
various categories of workers. The latest of these agreements was the collective agreement signed with the company Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (Malta) Ltd.

The collective agreement is valid for a period of four years, retroactive to January 2021, and expires in December 2024. It provides for better working conditions, including an increase in wages and bonuses, as well as further measures to reconcile work and family life.

As part of this agreement, a compensation scheme has been introduced for employees in the technical career groups who are on call. This also improves the majority of occupational groups.

The signing of this collective agreement testifies to the friendly and strong relations that have always existed between the management and the Chemical and Energy Section of the GWU.

The signatories were the Secretary of the Chemical and Energy Section, Rita Dimech, and Ancel Baldacchino, Jesmond Gatt, Joe Mallia, Jeffrey Micallef, Arthur Psaila and Khaled Shoeb, representing the workers.

Signing on behalf of Trelleborg were Martin Hignett, Managing Director, Robert Cutajar, Finance Director, and Marlies Sciberras, Head of Human Resources.