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The GWU Pensioners Association satisfied with the prime minister’s speech

The Pensioners’ Association notes the speech made by Prime Minister Dr. Robert Abela at the Cabinet meeting on senior citizens with satisfaction. In his speech, he showed both for himself and the government that he is determined to protect the interests of the elderly, including leaving no one behind. He expressed the Government’s determination that the elderly should remain at the heart of the Government’s work and be able to live in the community for as long as possible. This is a good sign for all older people in Malta and Gozo.

The Society is ready for us to continue working with the Government, especially the Prime Minister and the Minister responsible for the elderly and Active Aging, Dr. Michael Farrugia to ensure that the elderly have as comfortable a life as possible after the long work they have given to the country.

Finally, the Society sends a message to the elderly to be brave and see who really and truly cares for them and to continue to reach out to the GWU – Pensioners Association, the largest Pensioners Association in Malta.