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Covid 19 vaccine is a bright spot for many workers and industries

GWU stresses that the Covid 19 vaccine is essential to economic recovery. In doing so, the government and Health Authorities have a responsibility about who should have priority for the vaccine.

The pandemic has brought with it great fears and uncertainties. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on almost every area of work. In addition to the economic aspect, the pandemic also had an impact on health, including mental health. It was a clear day for all when the Health Authorities reported that Malta had received the Covid-19 vaccine.

Many workers in various industries in Malta and Gozo are constantly in contact with other people, putting their health at risk. Therefore, the Covid-19 vaccine is reassuring for all, especially for workers who have to come into contact with other people due to the nature of their work.

The GWU, as the largest organization representing workers, is in direct contact with the government and the Health Authorities, so that a priority list and order for vaccination is established based on the nature of the work and the risk assessment associated with the work.