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1. What is the GWU membership fee?

The GWU fee is 52euros per year and can be paid either by counter, by means of direct debit with a local-bank, online payment and if there is a representation of the Union at the place of work it can be paid by monthly instalments deducted from your wage by means of  a check-off system. 

2. What services and entitlement do the Union offer, and when I am eligible to make use of such entitlement?

As soon as you subscribe as a member, the GWU offers the service of the Section Secretary both on Collective and Individual issues at your work place and the discount schemes to our members issued from time to time by the Organisation. After 6 months of full paid membership, the member is entitled to use the services of our lawyers in matters related to Industrial Relations.

3. What are the contacts of the GWU ?

The contact number of the GWU is 25679200 or email at [email protected].

4. How can a member make an appointment with the Section Secretary and or the lawyer?

Contact can be made by sending an email to [email protected], leaving your contact details, your place of work , the query or problem, and our team will contact you to organise the meeting with the Section Secretary. The Section Secretary depending on the merit of the case will then if needed, make the appointment with the lawyer. 

5. What is a Collective agreement?
  1. A collective agreement is a law binding agreement negotiated by Trade Union and the employer. It defines the obligations, benefits and rights of the employees listed in the agreement. 
6. What is Trade Union Recognition?

The Trade Union Recognition is the process in terms of the Recognition of Trade Unions Regulations (SL452.112), whereby recognition is granted to the Trade Union with most members within the place of work. 

7. Can anyone join a Trade Union?
  1. Yes, In accordance with the article 42 of the Constitution, “no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of peaceful assembly and association, that is to say, his right peacefully to assemble freely and associate with other persons and in particular to form or belong to trade or other unions or associations for the protection of his interests”.