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Victor Carachi


Born in July 1959, Victor Carachi began his education at St. Joseph’s primary school in Raħal il-Đdid where he then continued his studies in secondary and upper secondary education at the College of De La Salle. He continued in the banking career when in 1978 he joined the then Mid Med Bank as a clerk. Shortly after he continued his studies in the field of ICT and subsequently became a Chartered IT Professional from the British Computer Society.

He also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Henley Management College based in London. During his banking career, Carachi held several management positions in the ICT sector and was Senior Manager of the Audit, Compliance and Operational Risk Department within HSBC (Malta). His current interest and involvement in trade unionism began in 1995 when he was elected to represent his work colleagues both as Shop Steward and delegate within the General Workers’ Union.

He also served as Chair of the HSBC Workers’ Committee and as a member, and later as Vice-Chair of the Professionals and Media Section of the GWU. In October 2007 he was unanimously elected by the National Congress of the GWU as President (designate) and on 8 March 2008 he officially assumed the position of President.

Kevin Camilleri 
Deputy Secretary General


Born in February 1973, Kevin Camilleri was elected as Deputy General Secretary in the 2015 National Conference after serving for five years as Secretary of the Hospitality and Food Section. He spent three years as Assistant Secretary of the same section. Camilleri comes from the Hospitality field, so he knows the ups and downs of this sector. In fact, during his career he held different positions in this field, his highest position was that of Food and Drink Quality Controller at the Holiday In Crowne Plaza hotel.

He also held several Supervisor positions in the field of Hospitality. Despite having acquired a University qualification in Management, he is still continuing his studies and is also a lecturer at the Malta Institute of Tourism Studies. At present, he is doing a course to acquire an Advanced Diploma in Business Management.

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