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Finally, the General Conference of the Pensioners’ Association.

After much collective work, the GWU Pensioners’ Association is ready to host the 2021 and 2024 General Conference on Friday, June 18.

Had it not been for some senior volunteers working for weeks, the Association would certainly not have been able to organize this conference.

This conference has already caught the attention of many members and it has shown, as in just a week since the association was announced, the hall was filled. It was asked here why the society asked for a reservation, the answer to this is simply because as a society it wanted to make all the arrangements as per the Health Authorities and this is in the interest of all. In fact the society invited the Health Officer with whom the whole organisation discussed how the conference would be held, including the seating of the theatre where the meeting would be held as seen in this photograph.

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The Society knows that there were some who would have liked to attend, but for the reasons stated above, it was not possible. While we as a Society regret, we thank for this all those who wanted to come but due to circumstances were unable to do so, to these people the Society says that there will surely be other opportunities to meet the Society and that time is not far away.

All this enthusiasm not only means that many have answered the Society’s call, but this also means more determination for the Society to continue working for the benefit of Maltese and Gozitan Elderly.

Two achievements of the Pensioners Association for the elderly

The first result was that the work of the association has borne fruit in recent times, the Association had asked the government to stop the vouchers of € 20, this proposal was accepted by the government, it all started after the first round of vouchers came out, when The result was that the vouchers issued are now €10 and €15, showing more clearly that the government has listened to the proposal that GWU pensioners association.

It is worth mentioning that many of the elders expressed their gratitude for the work done by the association.

The Pensioners Association would like to thank Prime Minister Robert Abela, the Minister of Finance Clyde Caruana and the Minister Silvio Schembri for welcoming the Association’s request.

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An initiative and a proposal of Pensioners Association, which has been welcomed, is that the company “Gozo Fast Ferry” has in its tariffs a special price for the elderly.

It was gratifying for the association that when the new tariffs were issued by the companies, there was a special price for the elderly, the satisfaction of the association was that I saw not only that the proposal was welcomed, but positive comments that many elders had for the work of the association in this regard was evident, not only in positive comments in the social media, but also in calls to the office of the association and the positive comments we had from the elders on the street.

The association is now in a position to announce something that many elders have been waiting for. The association will resume its social and Educational Activities. The first two activities will be announced in the coming days.

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