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Signing of 4 collective agreements by the General Workers’ Union

Human resources are at the heart of the work of any company seeking to become more sustainable. Keeping this principle in mind, in recent weeks the General Workers’ Union has signed four more collective agreements together with the respective companies. The Hospitality and Food Section was pleased to sign a collective bargaining agreement with Foster Clark Products LTD, which includes workers at the facility, Dolmen Hotel, Resort and Spa, SFC – Simonds Farsons Cisk and FBIC – Farsons Beverage Imports Company Limited.

In the times of the pandemic, full of uncertainties and perhaps even a little discouraging, work has nevertheless continued to improve conditions for workers. In recent months, several companies have had difficulty hiring new workers, so GWU has been working with the companies to develop a collective bargaining agreement that can attract new workers while improving conditions for those already working there.

The sustainability of any business depends directly on its workers. Such growth is only possible if employees are motivated and have knowledge and diverse skills. However, this can only be achieved if companies know how to invest in these workers. With these collective agreements, reached together with the companies, the Hospitality and Food Section has continued to put the workers at the centre and at the heart of growth.