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The POU is pleased with the great progress made in the police force

The police force is currently undergoing several reforms that continue to focus on the
welfare of officers. A commitment to continue to provide comfort, safety and progress
for a better job.

During a discussion about the police on a radio programme on Saturday, 13. August
2022, the guests, Raymond Zammit, President of the Police Officers Union within the
General Workers Union, along with Vice President Steve Spiteri, Emanuel Psaila,
Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Interior, National Security, Reforms and
Equality, and Stefania Sgandurra, Director General of Police, stressed the importance of police unions and their role in the renewal of the Corps, including the
introduction of body cameras, payment for extra work done in the past, and the
introduction of the new uniform, which is intended to provide greater comfort and
security to members of the Corps.

The two POU representatives praised the administration of the Corps, which today is
implementing a system of prompt payment for overtime and additional services
provided by Corps officers and appreciated the fact that for the first time in two
months, Corps members were paid for overtime worked during the parliamentary
elections and the arrival of the Pope in our country.

The POU officers praised the commitment of the Corps in giving more and more
priority to the welfare of the officers, and acknowledged the great progress made in
the guardhouses, which are now equipped with air conditioning. Other points were
raised, such as the fact that female police officers returning after maternity leave will
not lose the place where they were stationed.

However, the POU is determined to continue working with the corps administration to
further improve conditions for police officers in order to increase police efficiency.