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Driving improvements in the world of work

GWU Assistant General Secretary Kevin Camilleri

Opening the second session of the GWU International Conference, GWU Deputy
General Secretary Kevin Camilleri stressed that the organisation has always been a
catalyst for improvements in the world of work throughout its existence.

“80 years of history of this biggest and best trade union in our country. 80 years that
have shaped the worker,” said Mr Camilleri in his speech, in which he elaborated on
the theme of the conference: GWU – Building a Better Future: Social Protection,
Human Dignity, Innovation and Sustainability.

He explained that social protection is a fundamental right and also the linchpin of
GWU, that every worker has access to essential health care benefits, fair wages and
a well-earned retirement. This also means protecting the vulnerable and the
marginalised from economic hardship.

“Fair treatment, equal opportunities and action against all forms of discrimination are
a necessity for our workers to have the dignity they deserve in the workplace,” the
GWU Deputy General Secretary reiterated.

He said that GWU has always been at the forefront of this tireless struggle to protect
these principles and will continue to do so while ensuring that dignity is at the heart
of our workforce.

Defining innovation as the engine of progress, Mr Camilleri said the use of new
technologies to meet modern challenges is essential to the existence of any
organisation. “Education is the key for workers to open the doors of opportunity,” the
Deputy Secretary General said.

On sustainability, he said that it is not just a buzzword. He spoke about GWU’s role
in promoting sustainability in the workplace and beyond. This means that adopting
green practises, supporting renewable energy sources and promoting measures that
protect the environment around us for the future generation will be the pillars of

He concluded by saying that GWU strongly believes that our workers should join a
union more than ever so that the rights they have won are not lost and they are
prepared and equipped for the future of the world of work and the challenges it will