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GWU will attend tonight’s vigil

The General Workers Union will be attending tonight’s vigil in the name of JeanPaul Sofia and all the workers who lost their lives while performing their duties.

For the GWU it is not acceptable for a worker who goes out to earn his daily bread and does not return home.

It also demands that justice should be done without delay not only in this case, but also others that are still dragging on after months and even years.

Regarding the public inquiry, the GWU agrees that it should be done as it should be done in every case of a tragic accident at the workplace and this is because for the union the workers are all equal.

This union is asking for full transparency and accountability in these incidents including the last case in which Mohammed Kasem Hashem Alkhateeb lost his life so that any tragedy of this kind can be avoided as much as possible.

For the GWU every death at the workplace is a tragedy, not only for the family and relatives, but also for society in general.