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Dementia problem

At the meeting which the Association had with the Minister of Active Ageing. Dr. Michael Farrugia had, one of the issues discussed was the problem of dementia, especially in the elderly. This can lead to people being put in danger of their lives when elderly people with dementia are lost and unable to return because of their condition. During the meeting with the Minister, the possibility of using technological means was discussed. Through these means, the lost elderly can be found by having a special device that can identify where the person is. What devices exist today, and it is not out of the question that the government will introduce a pilot project in this area. This is a small device that can even save the lives of elderly people with dementia.

The work of the Union

An ambitious program of social and cultural activities

We are currently working as a Union on an ambitious program that we will launch when the time comes for the Pensioners Association will be organising activities for its members. As an association, we are using this time to prepare a complete program of activities aimed at enabling members to participate in social and cultural activities intended for them.

The implementation of this program requires a lot of logistical work including where the activity will take place, transportation, announcements, and guest speakers for some cultural activities where members will receive information. There are various activities that we are considering that will take place not only in Malta but also in Gozo. We are looking into the possibility of giving members the opportunity to travel together with the Association.

The Society is working on this ambitious program as it is clear that members are keen to return to the activities organised by the Society. There were many members who expressed a desire for the Society to organise activities again, even during the pandemic, and so the Society is using this period of the pandemic to complete a full program of social and cultural activities. As an association it encourages members and gives them the message that this time is passing, and activities are starting big. To the members, the society tells them to take advantage of this time by saving something so that they can start participating in activities as they will be many.

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New initiative, hobbies

At the suggestion of several members, the GWU Pensioners Association is asking those club members who have a hobby to send a photo of their hobby, along with their name and address, so that it may be published from time to time in a publication of the club. Those interested can do this either by emailing [email protected] or by sending a photo by post.