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The GWU part of the project on the effective management of
artificial intelligence in the field of labour

The Professions, Finance and Services Department within the GWU is contributing
to the second part of the TransFormWork 2 project entitled “Social partners together
for a better and more effective management of artificial intelligence for a just
transition to the work of the future”. The project is led by KNSB – Confederation of
Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria and funded by the European Commission.
The TransFormWork 2 project is a continuation of the TransFormWork project, which
was completed last year with good results and dealt with new dimensions of social
dialogue in the digital age.

The new project focuses on the question of what common solutions the national
social partners from 7 EU Member States (Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Malta,
Poland and Romania) can find to address the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
the impact on work. The aim is to find the right mechanisms, practises and initiatives
to anticipate the skills needs of tomorrow and retrain the existing labour force.
The project will also seek to raise awareness of how AI can be beneficial and add
value by implementing the right strategies and ensuring the principle of human
control, offering new opportunities in the labour market, new forms of organisation
and an improvement in working conditions.

The project is carried out in a consortium of 15 organisations (representatives of
employees and employers, universities and research institutes).