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Signing of a collective labour agreement with the Energy and Water Agency

A new collective labour agreement has been signed between the Government and Public Institutions Section of the General Workers’ Union and the Energy and Water Agency. This collective agreement provides for financial benefits, structuring of grades and positions, paid and unpaid special leave and flexible working hours.

Secretary of the Government and Public Utilities Section, Kendrick Bondin, thanked all
parties for the work done in the negotiations that will bear fruit in this institution, saying that this is a collective agreement for an institution where ‘workers do important work for which it is good to be recognised through an increase in wages and an increase in positions, as well as flexible working hours.

This collective agreement was signed by the agency’s CEO Manuel Sapiano together with Chief Corporate Officer Nadia Gatt Gafa. Section Secretary Kendrick Bondin, shop steward Therese Galea and deputy shop steward Nicholas Ellul signed the agreement on behalf of the agency’s employees.