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The GWU on a visit to the fuel distribution centre in Ħas-Saptan

The General Workers’ Union has continued its series of visits to workplaces to mark
the 80th anniversary of its establishment. Yesterday, the GWU central administration
visited the fuel distribution centre in Ħas-Saptan.

At the meeting, Enemed CEO Kevin Chircop emphasised that ENEMED has
developed a special diesel that cleans the car’s DPF. There was also talk about fuel
subsidies. Chircop also said that the company is careful to be sustainable, ensure
protection of workers and work on innovations.

For his part, GWU General Secretary Josef Bugeja said that the union visits
companies and institutions that are committed to innovation and sustainability, but
most importantly ensure that they give workers what they deserve.

He also thanked the workers for the great work they did in moving from one facility to
another and also for the contribution they made so that the company could continue
to develop and strengthen. Mr Bugeja was accompanied by Victor Carachi –
President of the GWU, Kevin Camilleri – Deputy Secretary General of the GWU and
Rita Dimech – Secretary of the GWU Department of Chemistry and Energy.