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The GWU sings a Collective agreement with Microtek

… an agreement that will lead to an improvement in wages and working conditions.

The General Workers’ Union and Microtek have just signed a Collective Agreement covering the next three years. An agreement reached thanks to the commitment of both parties through several discussions until the agreement was reached to improve wages and working conditions for the company’s employees.

Microtek is a pharmaceutical company established in 1983, recognizing the importance of remaining competitive in the current market and providing the best conditions for its workers. Engineer Alex Aquilina, the General Manager of Microtek and Rita Dimech, Secretary of the Chemical and Energy Section – GWU, emphasized these points while discussing the Collective Agreement.

Engineer Alex Aquilina, Anna Heckenlaible, Human Resources Coordinator, Rita Dimech and the employee representative, Bridget Psaila, who worked diligently to carry out this Agreement, were present for the signing of the Collective Agreement.