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The GWU with a collective agreement for employees of the Comtec Company

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) and the management of Comtec have signed a new Collective Agreement for the workers of this company, which will improve both the working conditions and the wages of the company. -Workers.

The secretary of the GWU Chemical and Energy, Section Secretary Rita Dimech, said that this Collective Agreement, which is valid for the years 2021-2024, will not only improve the working conditions of the workers, but will also further strengthen the professional work of these workers. In this Collective Agreement, new grades have been created to help workers grow in the company.

The Secretary of the Chemical and Energy Section together with Shop-Steward Keith Greengrass signed this Collective Agreement on behalf of Comtec workers while Ms Joannie Mifsud signed on behalf of Comtec Company. Ms Dimech said that with this Collective Agreement, the Industrial Relationship, which exists between the workers, the management of this company and the GWU has been further strengthened.