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GWU Condemns Attack on Emergency Room Nurses

GWU’s Department of Professional Staff, Finance and Services strongly deplores the attack by a man on nurses working in the Mater Dei Hospital Emergency Department.

The incident occurred last Saturday, when the individual was aggressive towards the nursing staff and a medical team at a residence in Paola.

The man was even controlled by the district police and the rapid intervention team until he was taken by ambulance to Mater Dei Hospital.

In its statement, the Section of Professionals, Finance and Services Section of the GWU condemned any violence against a worker in his workplace and thanked those workers who, despite the difficult and delicate environment in which they find themselves, work with dedication for the benefit of the patients they care for. He also thanked all healthcare workers for their contribution.

Under these circumstances, the Section appealed to the authorities concerned to take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents from happening again and urged them to take steps to ensure justice.

Finally, the Section stressed the importance of workers joining the union to further protect their rights and also to ensure that authorities improve and strengthen security in vulnerable places such as hospitals, especially emergency rooms.