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Stronger enforcement against the exploitation of foreign workers
and health and safety at work – GWU

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) is calling for the recruitment of skilled labour
and stronger health and safety measures in the workplace.
A few days ago, we lost a 51-year-old Albanian labourer after the roof of a house in
Sliema collapsed while he and another Albanian labourer were working in a
residential building where construction work was being carried out.
The General Workers’ Union regrets this and extends its condolences to the relatives
of this worker. However, it continues to emphasise the need to strengthen health and
safety measures in the workplace as much as possible. The rules that are registered
in the iSkills Card must be respected.
She also emphasises the need to take action against anyone who breaks the law
and abuses foreign nationals who come to our country with ambitions for work and a
future and are instead deployed in jobs that may pose a danger to them as they are
not trained for that particular job.
“In Malta, we do not need quantity, we need quality,” emphasised the GWU. “Trained
workers who contribute to our country’s economy and therefore it is worth comparing
the skills needed by companies in Malta with suitable labour recruited from outside
our country. In this way, the interests of workers are safeguarded, and they are
employed according to their skills.”