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The POU says that measures should be introduced to protect the service pension of workers up to 25 years of service.

In the coming time, the Government will announce the first set of recommendations
for the public consultation linked to the family sector. This is after a series of
meetings held with various stakeholders in this sector and also with people who have
gone through different situations in their lives.

The Minister for Justice and Reform in the Construction Sector Jonathan Attard
announced this when in Parliament he was answering a question put to him by
Government Whip Naomi Cachia in relation to the work being done by the Ministry
his in relation to this sector.

Minister Attard began by saying that he wants to assure all those who in one way or
another are involved in this sector, including legal professionals and workers in the
Courts, that this area is a priority for this Government. He said that the proposals that
will be submitted for consultation reflect the Government’s commitment in the
electoral manifesto regarding the family sector.

He noted that there were several reports, including the work done by the Ministry for
Social Policy and Children’s Rights, on important subjects such as parental
alienation among others. He said that the next step is to reflect all this in a legislative

Minister Attard went on to explain that within the Ministry for which he is responsible,
a working group was also appointed that evaluated the thoughts that were put
forward and at the same time continued the work with other people in this sector. It
was here where he claimed that the consultation process is expected to continue to
strengthen what is being recommended.

“This will give us the opportunity to continue to strengthen the existing structures
including the Courts. Today we have a family section in the Civil Courts. We want to
look at more specialization as we are doing in other sectors including in the field of

“We want to see that there are structures that go beyond the Courts that also lead to
a certain efficiency, speed, and particularly that justice is always done in the best
interest of minors,” concluded Minister Attard.