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The GWU believes that with a collective effort we can change yesterday’s result

After Malta was placed on the FATF gray list , the General Workers ’Union believes that if all National forces make a collective effort, Malta should regain International recognition and credibility.

The GWU believes that much work has been done on governance, rule of law and financial transparency, but there is always room for improvement. The repercussions of yesterday’s result can be felt in all economic sectors and this could lead to the loss of working conditions, employment and the reduction of foreign direct investment.

The pandemic brought together all the social partners and the Government which gave very good results. Through collective work Malta has managed to control the flow and keep our country’s unemployment at low levels compared to the rest of the world.

This result is another challenge to get back together and work hand in hand to clean up Malta’s name as soon as possible and change this result and Malta will start moving forward again. The General Workers’ Union has no doubt that we will regain the place we deserve.