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Strengthening the protection of 15,000 Italian workers in our country

“Our meeting today was dedicated to strengthening the protection of 15,000 Italian workers who have lived here for years.” GWU Secretary Josef Bugeja said this during the first official meeting in Malta between the CGIL of Sicily and the Maltese General Workers’ Union, the largest trade unions in Malta and Italy.

After their first meeting with the GWU in Pozzalo, Sicily, the delegation of the CGIL of Sicily, a confederated trade union organisation that protects and promotes the individual and collective rights of workers, pensioners and the unemployed in Sicily, visited our country to intensify the international cooperation agreements between the CGIL and the GWU.

During a visit to the Maltese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fearne, GWU and CGIL discussed labour, border crossings and the public health model.

“This visit was also dedicated to preparations for the opening of the contact point between the two unions at CGIL headquarters in Pozzallo, following the opening at the Workers’ Memorial Building in Valletta. An intense day dedicated to international politics, bilateral agreements and discussions on cross-border workers,” said the Secretary General.