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Other measures are introduced by banks harassing the elderly

The GWU Pensioners Association believes that other measures are being introduced by banks that harass the elderly. The association calls on the authorities to in turn put pressure on the banks to stop these decisions that directly affect older people. One of the many new measures is that some banks do not accept older people who collect less than €500 at the cash desk. 

The Association has been informed by several members that when they go to the banks, they will be informed that the service system will no longer be possible by tellers in certain branches. This will mean that instead of queues inside, they will be outside, with more suffering for the elderly. Another report that has come to the association from members is that there is an added pressure from banks to use ATM at all costs, which unfortunately is difficult for some seniors for obvious reasons. The Pensioners’ Association insists that all banks provide a senior-friendly service and not create more inconvenience. 

The association continues to call for mutual cooperation between bank employees who serve the public and seniors. We should remember that the employees serving in the banks must follow the instructions given to them by the management of the banks. 

The association assures the elderly and pensioners that it will continue to properly protect the interests of the elderly and pensioners.