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The GWU receives recognition from the monitoring and enforcement officers

The GWU is pleased because a few weeks ago it received the most important recognition from the Monitoring and Enforcement Officers who work with the G4S and serve the ERA. This came after the verification process revealed that the majority of workers are members of the union.

In a context where the government has recently prioritised the environment and its sustainability. We have witnessed several awareness campaigns to show the general public how to distribute waste and thus follow waste management procedures. To this end, the Government, with the approval of ERA, has established the Monitoring and Enforcement Officers Department. This service is run by a number of G4S staff.

The role of these officials is of great importance for the continuation of the educational work in the field of waste management. This is because the work of the officials is related to education and information, but most importantly to the enforcement of laws and regulations. Therefore, even with the authorization of fines and citations, these officers are tasked with ensuring that the general public and commercial businesses comply with waste management procedures and laws.

In this regard, the Secretary of GWU – Hospitality and Food Section stressed that the role of these officers is very important as enforcement of the laws requires discipline and cooperation. He added that the union is working diligently with G4S and ERA to improve the working conditions of these members. He concluded by reiterating that our aim is to provide them with a financial package that reflects the responsibility and importance of their work, particularly in relation to the reforms of waste distribution procedures.