The views of some female GWU employees on Women’s Day

Blog, The Union

On the occasion of Women’s Day, we have gathered on this page the views of some female GWU employees on this day dedicated to all...

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Various new forms of work need to be regulated

Blog, Home, The Union

“The various new forms of work must be regularized immediately to protect workers” Every year on February 20, we celebrate...

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The importance of worker protection

Blog, The Union

One does not have to be in a trade union to hear of abuses in various companies in Malta and Gozo. Various situations we hear about make us...

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Successful Conferencess

Blog, Pensioners Union, The Union

Today we will continue to remember the events at the GWU General Conference Pensioners Association. Today there are extracts from Tony...

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Study: ‘Challenges that Educators Face’

Blog, L-Istampa, The Union

Prepared by Profs. Borg – commissioned by MEDE A study commissioned by the Ministry of Education entitled “Challenges that...

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“The voice of educators clearly tells us where the obstacles are.”

Blog, The Union, uncategorized

In the study unveiled by the Department of Education last week, the increase in students with diverse classroom behaviour and discipline...

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GWU – International Section

Blog, International Sector, The Union

This section was launched at the National Congress in October 2017. This was done after the need to have a section that deals with...

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Echo of the conference successful

Blog, Pensioners Union, The Union, uncategorized

The General Conference of the Retirees’ Association served to send a clear signal of the Association’s commitment to continue...

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Blog, GWU Youths, The Union

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) – Youths is a Voluntary Organisation, affiliated to and forming part of the GWU. The GWU...

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Tourism with new opportunities

Blog, L-Istampa

Tourism is one of the most important sectors for the Maltese economy. This is because other sectors are linked to it. In fact, according to...

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