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GWU Pensioners Association against HSBC fee increased by HSBC

The Pensioners Association within the GWU is shocked and disagrees with the charges that banks are imposing on their customers, particularly the elderly whose livelihoods depend solely on pensions. HSBC is making certain decisions that place unnecessary burdens on the community, especially the elderly.

The Pensioners’ Association stresses that the authorities should intervene immediately to control certain decisions by which they place a financial burden not only on the very low-income elderly but also on the rest of the population. Such decisions are a blow especially at times like these when the pandemic has drastically affected the economy and many industries are still slowly recovering.

In view of all this, since such abuse by HSBC is not going to stop and the authorities are not taking the necessary steps against such abuse, the Pensioners’ Association will advise all those who have accounts with this bank to look for other banks.