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The MTRM with a new course on health and safety at work

Following a risk assessment carried out at the Department of Local Councils, Melita
Training and Resource Management (MTRM) was awarded the contract to deliver a
training course of approximately 55 hours, covering the whole of Malta and aimed at
employees of the Ministry for Local Government.

Commenting to this website, MTRM managing director Louis Spiteri said that
everyone who will be teaching on the course will be doing so both in the classroom
and in the workplaces.

Spiteri said that at the end of the course, participants will receive an MFHEA
accredited certificate that will be useful in the workplace. He added: “I point out that
the General Workers Union has always been at the forefront of protecting the health
and safety of workers in the workplace.”

When asked what this course will involve, the Chief Executive said that it is a special
course that goes into a lot of detail and is very close to the nature of work.
He also said that this course will teach participants how to climb a ladder and
scaffolding safely and how to adapt to a particular working environment, among
other things.