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Awareness and empathy must grow among the population!

At a meeting between the administration of the General Labour Union and MP Ivan
Bartolo, various topics related to social solidarity were discussed. Among other
things, they talked about the mental health of workers, the pressure they face from
work, household, children and finances.

The Secretary General of the GWU, Josef Bugeja, explained that there is a lack of
awareness and empathy for people with mental illness. More needs to be done, by
everyone, to improve help and information in the workplace for those going through
sensitive moments.

“Employers must take into account that the difficult times their employees are going
through affect their work,” Bugeja added.

Member of Parliament Ivan Bartolo said he follows the work of this union and feels
there is a similarity between the way he and the GWU view and approach social

“I would like us to strengthen and develop the relationship between us after this
meeting so that we can support each other in our work for a better society,” Bartolo

They also discussed the proposal made some time ago by MEP Ivan Bartolo on
organ donation, which would make it compulsory. A proposal that the GWU agrees

“Five years ago, I donated a kidney to a man I do not know and I confess that I am
proud of what I did. I have put forward a bill to make the organ donation system an
opt-out system. In this way, we will remain in solidarity even after our death. A
change that already exists in other European countries,” emphasised Ivan Bartolo.
Together they also talked about the work that still needs to be done for the
integration of foreigners in our country. A situation in which both parties are of the
opinion that more efforts need to be made, one could also say worldwide. Secretary
General Josef Bugeja explained that this integration has already been well received
by companies.

“I admit that from what the secretaries of the sections tell me, and also from what we
see and hear ourselves, the foreigners have integrated very well with the Maltese
workers in the organised workplaces. This is a joy and a satisfaction and therefore I
believe that this can also happen in the communities among us,” added Josef