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The GWU declares industrial action over disagreement on Healthcare Workers’ industry collective agreement

The GWU – Government and Public Entities Division declares industrial action in favour of all GWU members who are part of Healthcare Sector Agreement.

According to Public Service Collective Agreement, a Sector Understanding is valid for five years and therefore no terms can be negotiated before the expiry of the stipulated time.

However, the GWU found that this agreement was ignored by the Ministry of Health and several decisions were taken despite the Collective Agreement stating otherwise. In light of this, the union approached the Ministry concerned and the People and Standards Division in the Office of the Prime Minister to negotiate a new Sectoral Agreement after this Collective Agreement was ignored.

Although the GWU has been trying to communicate with the concerned ministries since November 2020, the GWU has remained unresponsive. The union has therefore declared industrial action on behalf of its members as part of the Health Care sectoral collective agreement. The union adds that it reserves the right to take industrial action if this situation is not resolved within eight days.

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