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We protect what we have achieved together

Over the past year and a half, everyone has made sacrifices to overcome this pandemic. Now, as we move towards a new normal, as many people come out and economic activity slowly begins to recover, it is important and essential to protect what we have achieved together.

This is why the GWU welcomes the measures announced by the Government yesterday, in particular that everyone coming into our country must have an approved vaccination certificate. We have made too many sacrifices as a nation not to be careful about opening up and releasing measures. It would be a shame if we lost everything we have worked on together. Now that the tourism sector has begun to open up, we must protect the health of all workers and their jobs, both directly and indirectly. In these difficult times, every moment is a critical moment, so it is important to be cautious, responsible and prudent in our decisions.

If we are to protect what has been achieved, everyone who enters Malta must be vaccinated. But that is not enough, we must also be disciplined. This is the moment we work to prevent the loss of life, to protect our social life and our economic life. So the GWU agrees with the measures announced yesterday, because we are protecting what we have achieved together.

The GWU continues to encourage everyone to get vaccinated so we can protect ourselves and those around us.