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Satisfied with the new practices introduced for civil servants, including the measure proposed by the GWU

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) is satisfied with the practices that the civil service will strengthen in a structured way from next week. The practices of reduced hours, flex time, flexible week and remote work.

The GWU has actively participated in the consultation process launched by the Office of the Secretary General. It also points out that among these practices is precisely the concept of the flexitime week.

A measure that was originally proposed by the GWU last year, and which will now be adopted and put into practice. Through this measure, introduced among other modern work practices in the civil service, civil servants can request to spread the 40 hours of work over four or six days per week. This is always a decision of the civil servants if circumstances allow.

“As we keep saying, measures like this give workers more flexibility to balance life and work in our country. This sense of confidence and help with less bureaucracy given to public sector workers should ensure that it translates into a more positive response from employees,” said GWU Secretary General Josef Bugeja. “Now we expect such concepts to be adopted in the private sector as well, whenever circumstances allow and at the request of employees,” the secretary general concluded.