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Working to ensure that all older people have free internet.

The government is working to provide all older people with a free internet service.
This was stated yesterday by the Parliamentary Secretary of State for Active Senior
Citizens, Malcolm Paul Agius Galea, at a briefing organised by the Pensioners’
Association of the General Workers’ Union at the Workers’ Memorial Building.
Parliamentary Secretary Agius Galea said the elderly have much more to give to
society and even share their experiences with the younger generation. He added:
“You don’t mind writing and raising your voice. You even write on social media. You
have an extremely important fund that I don’t want to lose.”

He also mentioned the investments that are being made in San Vincenzo de Paul,
including new and modern halls that are fit for the times. This includes new and
modern halls that are in keeping with the times, as well as the work being done in the
retirement homes and the expansion of services in the community.

He also emphasised the importance of the voluntary sector which, in his own words,
is important not only because it gives more meaning to people themselves, but also
because it helps mental health.

In the meantime, Parliamentary Secretary Agius Galea answered the questions and
explanations of the elders present. Also present were the secretary of the
pensioners’ association Anna Vella and the president of the association Lino