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Every worker deserves to go out to earn his daily bread and return safe and sound to his family

Despite regulations and campaigns to protect health, safety and enforcement in the
workplace, there have already been nine workplace deaths in our country in the first
half of this year, with the most recent death occurring just yesterday when a 57-year-
old worker from Birkirkara lost his life after falling from a height of about five stories
at a construction site in Qormi.

Figures released by the National Statistics Office show that the number of
occupational accidents has increased by 2.9%, as 1,164 occupational accidents
were reported up to June this year.

These figures show that most of these accidents occurred in the manufacturing
sector, which accounted for 16.3% of accidents. In second place is the transport and
storage sector, where 14.1% of the accidents occurred. In third place is the
construction sector, with 13%.

The General Workers’ Union stresses the importance of both workers and employers
better complying with occupational health and safety regulations, and of occupational
health and safety authorities doing more. Every worker deserves to earn their daily
bread and come home to their family safe and healthy.