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What does diversity mean?

Diversity is when people with different ideas, cultures, races, genders, economic status and characteristics meet and treat each other equally. It is a good thing that in a group of people working for the same goal there is variety in religious, racial, cultural, and geographical backgrounds as well as different experiences, beliefs and views.

World Day for Cultural Diversity for dialog and development

More than half of the world’s major conflicts arise because of a cultural divide. This gap can only widen if we understand each other better and why diversity is important. Not everyone understands the powerful and positive impact diversity has on economic, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, moral, spiritual and cultural development. Cultural diversity is a great asset in reducing poverty and achieving sustainable development.

In 2001, UNESCO adopted Universal Declaration at Cultural Diversity. This day is very important for the world history because it is an opportunity where we can learn why different cultures are important in today’s life where they lead to the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Why is diversity important in the workplace?

  • Every individual has different perspectives and ideas. The more cultures that mix in a group, the more innovative concepts are created
  • With diversity, you have individuals in the same group with different solutions to problems that may arise at work
  • When a company employs all the relevant individuals, it increases the chance of finding more workers with the best job skills

A company’s employment improves the reputation of all

  • Diversity helps employees better understand members, colleagues, and customers
  • Why is diversity important in everyday life?
  • Inclusivity in organizations makes us stronger
  • You learn more about others and understand their way of life
  • Don’t impose different values on others that may not be in line with their culture
  • Learn to accept language limitations
  • Be proactive about listening to, accepting, and welcoming other people and ideas into our daily lives

The GWU and Diversity

One of the GWU’s values is diversity. GWU has never shown discrimination between individuals, but we believe in diversity and social inclusion to stay with it. Different cultures are a very interesting challenge for us because through them we improve the services for our members. Our main goal has always been to treat all members equally without distinction.