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The GWU greets the new president of Malta Myriam Spiteri Debono while thanking the President Emeritus George Vella

The GWU warmly congratulates the President of Malta, Myriam Spiteri Debono, and
wishes her every success in her appointment to the highest office of the state. GWU
is convinced that Notary Spiteri Debono will fulfil her office as Head of State in an
admirable manner, just like her predecessors.

From here, it salutes President Emeritus George Vella and thanks him for the
valuable and prudent work he has done in the five years of his presidency, despite
the difficulties he has faced from time to time.

A President who, like his predecessor, was always close to the Maltese people and
served and honoured his country in the best possible way, even when he faced
challenges and had to make decisions that were not easy.

President Emeritus Vella always reminded us that our country is a democratic
republic based on work, which not only recognises in its Constitution the right of
citizens to work but is also committed to protecting this right and taking all necessary
measures to give dignity to workers.

During his visit to the GWU building on the occasion of a special meeting of the
GWU National Council, he expressed his belief that there is strength in unity, and he
was proud of the training and continuous education of workers, including shop
stewards, on industrial and international practises. He mentioned that at GWU one
finds a depth of experience and information from so many years of history.
In his speech to the National Council of GWU, E.T. George Vella said that while we
are facing new challenges in the workplace in different sectors, one must understand
that behind every work there is always a human being and therefore one must see that they are protected holistically, from hazards, fatigue, stress, that they are
guaranteed a decent wage, a dignified retirement and adequate rest.

President Emeritus Vella has always emphasised in his speeches to workers that all
work is important and that no work is inferior. It would have been very satisfying for
him to note the high level of technical and professional skills and competences of
workers in Malta, where they continue to train, strengthen their skills and apply them
in practise.

He emphasised that all workers together are part of a chain – that each part is
indispensable and that without them the final product would not be made.
He often refers to the role of women in the world of work and would like to see more
women entering all areas of the labour market. As well as to the many foreign
nationals who have chosen Malta as their adopted home, and he hopes that they
feel welcome and appreciated in Malta.