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More discussions must be held with the aim of strengthening the profession of journalism

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech visited the Workers’ Memorial Building today,
where he also had the opportunity to meet journalists from the Union Print
newsroom. He was received by GWU President Victor Carachi, GWU General
Secretary Josef Bugeja and Union Print Managing Director Omar Vella.

During the meeting with the journalists, the challenges facing journalism were
discussed. The opposition leader explained that more discussion is needed to
strengthen this profession, which is the fourth pillar of democracy in our country.
For his part, the CEO of Union Print emphasised the need to attract new talent to
editorial offices. After all, the profession of journalist cannot be learnt overnight, but
requires continuous training and dedication.

He also pointed out the high costs faced by local newspapers, mainly due to the
ever-increasing price of paper. He also mentioned that this is a challenge that should
be tackled holistically by both the government and the opposition itself, regardless of
political colour or editorial board.