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More work for the elderly

GWU – Pensioners Association will remain there for you during the pandemic. So members and seniors can do service during pandemic. The association will update this service from time to time as per health authority guidelines. The Association is committed to continuing to provide the best service during the pandemic.

Call or text 99423191. email: [email protected]. Also call for an appointment at 25679234/25679200 during office hours.

The associations work

In addition to working to provide the best service to members, we are currently preparing in the Association for the General Conference of the Association to be held later this year, as circumstances permit. During the Conference, not only will the work report of the Association be presented, but the officers of the Association and the members of the Committee and the delegates for the future will be appointed. There is a lot of preparatory work that needs to be done in order to hold the conference. While we as the administration are currently preparing the date for the conference, work has begun on the documents to be presented to the conference. Among them are the Administrative Report, which will be processed by the Assistant Secretary Joe Sapiano in collaboration with Salv Sammut, who takes care of the office of the association, and the financial report, which will be prepared by the treasurer of the Association Frans Grech. The association will continue to keep members informed about the conference, among other things, on this page.

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Continue working with the banks

The Pensioners’ Association will continue to be the protagonist when it comes to the services provided by banks, especially to the elderly. It should be recalled that the Association was the only one to resist the charges that the banks wanted to impose on the elderly, and this resistance bore fruit, because while HSBC Bank revised the rates, BOV Bank in return suspended the rates for the accounts. This does not mean that the Union’s work on banks will stop here. Definitely NOT! But the Union will be at the forefront in defending the elderly and pensioners against the banks. It would be good for the elderly to remember that it was ONLY the GWU Pensioners Union that was and will continue to be the shield for the elderly and for pensioners also in relation to the banks.

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The Data Protection Act

It is the duty of the Pensioners Union, to obey the law. It is good for everyone to be informed that as an association it is not allowed by law to speak on behalf of anyone unless they have the person’s permission, and therefore those who need the association’s help will be members, because when you are a member you automatically give your permission for the association to speak on your behalf.

From the history of the Union

Today we will continue to recall the proposals that the Union made some time ago, some of which have come to fruition today and which the elderly are enjoying. This clearly shows how progressive the Pensioners Association is. Between 1991 and 1993 the Association made these proposals.

  • The time spent by those in the paramilitary and Parastatal Bodies should be counted as regular service with the government.
  • That the Gozo Ferry Fare should be subsidized for the elderly.
  • That pensioners who retired before 1979 should be given a third party, exemption like those after 1979.
  • The introduction of a Senior Citizen Scheme, to give senior citizens appropriate discounts for services used by senior citizens.

In the next issue, we will recall other suggestions made by Pensioners Association so that today’s seniors will always be reminded of the suggestions the Association has made over the years.