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The work of the GWU translated into better conditions for the care workers in the Mater Dei theatre

After the General Workers’ Union had to call an industrial dispute, the necessary measures were taken by the management of Support Services Ltd/Healthmark to address the situation and therefore the GWU withdrew as the situation was resolved.

The dispute was declared for the care workers of the private sector, members of the GWU who work in the theater of the Mater Dei Hospital, to adjust their roster. Roster which after the necessary work by the Government and Public Entities Section has been arranged.

This happened as while these workers were following the Collective Agreement and the vacation leave policy of their company, they were still receiving an answer regarding the approval or not for their request on the day they requested to be vacation leave. They were being asked to call at six in the morning to be told if it was approved or not.

A situation that was not acceptable for the GWU as the workers have the right to apply for vacation leave and make their plans on the day of the leave. The Union understands that the approval is at the discretion of the management but does not agree that the company informs about the approval (or not) at six in the morning of the same day that it was requested as vacation leave.

After several discussions with the Management concerned, the GWU noted that the situation persisted. The GWU therefore declared an industrial dispute to protect its members.