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We want to work together to ensure that every citizen, every employee and every person in our society gets ahead

The Secretary General of the GWU, Josef Bugeja

At the conference on social justice held in Parliament, the General Secretary of the
General Workers’ Union (GWU), Josef Bugeja, began by explaining the Union’s work
in the field of social justice.

In this context, Bugeja mentioned the work on inequalities, equality, the role of
workers, their demand when the GWU was founded 80 years ago, and one of the
pillars was social justice, the promotion of ‘decent and equal work”.
He also mentioned employment opportunities, social protection, migrant workers and
the courses that the GWU organises. Today, the GWU has 7,000 foreign members,
most of whom are from third countries, and the measures it has taken to raise
awareness of both labour rights and social rights.

“But when you hear about all the injustices that are mentioned here, and when you
hear who says that ‘these are the people who are at the top’, as social partners I
have always said that our job is to leave a better society than it is. So the way many
people are talking, we need to work harder to remove these injustices and see the
people who are suffering, see how we can help them with everyone’s effort and see
that social justice reaches all strata,” Bugeja emphasised.

The GWU Secretary General emphasised that we want to work together to ensure
that we are successful as a country. Bugeja concluded by saying: “We want to work
together to ensure that every citizen, every worker and every person in our society
gets ahead.

The fact that we see all this suffering cannot be labelled as the fault of this or that. It
is the fault of all of us and we all want to move forward together. Under the
circumstances, with the capacity we have and the human resources in each
organisation, we have to work holistically to move forward and make sure that no
one is left behind in society, and this is not a slogan that we say that no one is left
behind, but something that we practise and live every day.”