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Soldiers begin to receive arrears due to them

The soldiers will begin to be paid the sums due to them after the first collective agreement for the members of the Armed Forces of Malta.

Members of the Armed Forces of Malta continue to enjoy the fruits of the collective agreement signed last year. As of this week, the soldiers are also receiving the arrears due to them as a result of the fact that parts of the branch collective agreement have fallen into disrepair. Around 1,750 soldiers in the “gunner to major” branch will receive thousands of euros in back pay.


The agreement, which was signed a few months ago, is the first of its kind in the history of the Armed Forces of Malta. Through this agreement, the government is investing €8.2 million more per year in soldiers’ salaries.

The Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement Byron Camilleri noted that this agreement has been long awaited by the soldiers and promised that this government will remain a shoulder for the Armed Forces of “Malta” as it has been in the past. “While major investments have been made in the Armed Forces in recent years, this agreement will further improve the working conditions of Maltese soldiers, and

In the near future, the Armed Forces will issue a call for new soldiers and Minister Camilleri encourages those young people who want to serve their country to consider a career in the force. “This time you can join not only to have a disciplined and beautiful career, but also because you know you will find the right conditions,” the minister concluded.