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Meeting for the employees of BOV members in the GWU on a new
operational strategy

The Professions, Finance and Services Section has convened a meeting for its
members who work at the Bank of Valletta. This meeting, which took place at the
Workers’ Memorial Building in Valletta, was part of a series of meetings being held in
preparation for the new collective labour agreement as the existing one expires at the end of this year.

The meeting was also attended by senior executives of the bank who explained to
members what the bank is proposing, such as a new operational strategy, a pilot
project in the retail network.

The senior management emphasised that the two main points they are focusing on
are the best ways to meet customers’ expectations and provide them with the best
services, as well as keeping their employees happy at work by offering them more

Section Secretary, Riccarda Darmanin, explained that at this meeting, information
was given directly from management while management listened to questions and
comments from their employees who were present in the room or online.

“We want to ensure that the new operational strategy creates the necessary balance
in employees’ private lives and that it is well received by our members, especially
when a new collective labour agreement is being prepared,” Darmanin said.
GWU General Secretary Josef Bugeja was also present at the meeting.