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The GWU declared industrial action with Dar il-Hena Foundation and issued directives for workers

The General Workers’ Union declared industrial action with the Dar il-Hena Foundation (FDH), referred the case to the OHSA and issued directives to the member workers in light of the disagreement in a mediation meeting in front of the DIER. The Dar il-Hena Foundation is a foundation between the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights, Caritas and the Alfred Mizzi Foundation.

The GWU continues to insist and stress that health and safety at the workplace is fundamental. That contrary to what happened recently, there must be at least two workers in these shelters and not one.

Therefore the Government and Public Entities Section within the GWU is ordering directives to the workers that when there is a lone worker on a shift in the building under the cover of the Dar il-Hena Foundation, the worker must go out out of the building if any accident occurs that could be a danger to his health and safety. While informing his superiors of the incident.

The GWU has registered this industrial action which will remain in force until the GWU notifies that it is withdrawn. The GWU does not rule out escalating the actions if this situation is not addressed.