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The GWU with a dispute and industrial action regarding health care workers

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) has declared a dispute and industrial action so that health workers working in public services and private care, members of the GWU working in health care facilities, do not perform tasks of midwives and nurses following the guidelines for industrial action issued by another union. This policy states that they should not accept work that they do not normally do based on these guidelines.

After GWU was informed that several industrial actions had been taken by nurses and midwives in various public health and active aging facilities, health care workers working with the public sector, and even private care workers, GWU issued this policy to protect its members from the consequences that other union policies might have on them.

Therefore, pursuant to the current Public Service Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 9.4(i), GWU declares a dispute and industrial action so that GWU members working in public health care facilities, as well as the elderly, will not perform and/or accept new work to be performed by workers following another union’s policies.

These guidelines apply only to GWU members working in public health facilities and to active elders.