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The 190 employees of the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) will
benefit from an improvement in salaries, an increase in allowances and other
working conditions.

This was announced at a press conference held at Villa Bighi in Kalkara on Monday
morning, when a collective labour agreement was signed with the General Workers’
Union in the presence of the Minister for Education, Sports, Youth, Research and
Innovation, Clifton Grima, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Research and
Innovation, Keith Azzopardi Tanti.

The CEO of MCST, Silvio Scerri, explained that this agreement will reassure the
work of this organisation and at the same time attract more talent.
“A very important agreement, i.e. a historic agreement today with the MCST, which
puts the worker and his right to work in a peaceful environment at the centre.”
The General Secretary of the General Workers’ Union, Josef Bugeja, explained the
changes that will result from this agreement.

“Apart from the significant increase in the basic salary and an increase in
allowances, we have introduced innovative concepts where we have also created a
balance between the individual’s private life and work as a working environment in
order to give employees more opportunities to develop and lead a dignified life and a
good life holistically, not just at work.”
Minister Grima reiterated how important this agreement is and how we should
continue to invest in the human resource of our country.

“It is an agreement that reflects our vision in this particular sector. Once again we are
investing in the human resource – the resource that is so important, so crucial, to
ensure that the service, which is offered, is one of the highest quality, but above all
we ensure that the workers look after towards their employment as a career.”
Parliamentary Secretary Azzopardi Tanti explained how the Government remains
committed to investing more to continue strengthening the research and innovation
sectors in our country.

“Today it is a real investment in the main actors, the workers, various workers,
whether they are technical, maintenance, operational, administrative, this collective
agreement is important, because it will allow us to keep the best talent we have and
will it helps us attract new talent.”