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Achievements of the HSBC Vis-à- Vis Pensioners Association

HSBC has confirmed our statements at Pensioners Association. Following a meeting with the bank concerned, several pro-retirement reviews have been carried out. The association would like to clarify many of the questions that many of our members have asked;

  • All pensions, paid in or not, will not be charged €5 per month by HSBC Bank.
  • This also means that those pensioners who are at home and pay in the remainder of their pension after a percentage has been deducted from them will not be penalised by €5 per month.
  • It has been confirmed that widows’ pensions and disability pensions will be excluded.
  • Various benefits such as disability, sickness as well as unemployment benefits that are paid in will be excluded regardless of the amount.
  • This means that even those who receive less than €1,230 pension in three months will not be penalised by €5 per month.
  • Those who receive unemployment benefits regardless of the amount will not be fined.

The Pensioners’ Association continues to promise that it will stand up for the the Maltese and Gozitan pensioners. In fact, several discussions are also underway with BOV.

This is the GWU – Pensioners Association