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What is Dignity Action Day?

Dignity Action Day takes place on February 1 which gives everyone the opportunity to stand up for people’s right to dignity and give people in need of care a day to remember. It does not mean they will not be cared for the rest of their lives, but this day is about ensuring that people who use care services are treated as individuals and given choice, control, and a sense of purpose in their daily lives. It is a day to take the time to do something, even if only in a small way, for people who very often feel isolated, marginalised or of little value to society. It is also the start of a month where it would be nice to have some highlights of what people are doing to promote dignity.

Dignity Action Day is a day to celebrate and showcase what the nation and our communities have accomplished in providing dignified care. It is also a day to celebrate with the people who are at the heart of our care.

Being treated like an individual, giving a person choice, control and meaning in their daily lives is vital to people who use care services – that is what Dignity Day Action is all about.

Working in care is an incredibly rewarding profession as it allows us to lend a helping hand to some of the most disadvantaged people in our society, the elderly. Like all professions, working in care brings with it some challenges. If you know what to expect before you take a job in the care sector, and find ways to overcome any potential problems, your career as a carer will go much more smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the opportunity to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

If you work closely with older people, you are likely to develop a close relationship with them. Therefore, it can be very stressful when their health deteriorates, and complications arise. Dealing with such situations can be difficult and clash with your other duties as a carer. Finding the right balance between compassion and professionalism is a valuable way to prepare for these sudden changes when they occur.

The fundamental job of a carer is to build and maintain trust. If you can establish and maintain a good relationship, it will be easier to complete daily tasks while ensuring the person’s satisfaction. If a person being cared for resists care, it is important to remain calm. Taking the time to talk with the person and ask how you can help with their needs is an opportunity to reaffirm your position and responsibility as a carer. When you actively show your support and concern for the care recipient’s well-being, they are much more likely to cooperate.

There are many reasons why healthcare workers stay motivated and choose to stay in their jobs. In general, healthcare workers are motivated and show job satisfaction. When they feel effective in their work and perform well. Factors that contribute to motivation and job satisfaction also include good career development, adequate compensation, and appropriate working and living conditions.

On days when a person being cared for is having a difficult day, which is not uncommon, especially when a person is feeling confused or upset for whatever reason, be it family reasons or perhaps because they are in pain, a smile can go a long way, a simple gesture can break through their gloom and make them happy. Taking the time to listen to them is also important. So, let’s celebrate this day by doing something for our loved ones and for the community, every little action pays off.

Do not forget all the people who are care workers or medical field, because they are the pillars in our society who take care of our loved ones. This is something GWU firmly believes in. GWU has always been an advocate for the rights of workers and believes that those who work in this field face many difficulties in their workplace. If there is a body that stands up for the workers in this field, if there are injustices or the working conditions are not satisfactory, the GWU is there to stand up for them and act on their behalf. Therefore, a worker can put his mind at rest, which would give him more motivation and job satisfaction. It is quite easy to become a member of GWU. Just click on the link and see what it has to offer.