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What are the benefits of apprenticeships?

This week, several countries are celebrating Apprenticeship Week. We felt that we too needed to remember this day because it is a success story for us. 

A few months ago, GWU offered internships to some students who were studying at MCAST. After they completed the hours required by the institution, we were very pleased with their work and offered them a part-time job. This way, these students can continue to focus on their studies while working and broadening their experience in related fields of work. 

What are the advantages for companies that offer internships to students? 

  • Students find it very easy to apply what they learn to their jobs. This helps a lot with jobs that involve processes that need to be followed. 
  • Younger people have a different outlook on life and bring new life to companies. 
  • People from outside the company bring in new and different ideas. 
  • Students have very fertile creativity. 
  • Trainees empower other employees and increase the productivity of the department. 

What are the benefits of apprenticeship when joining a company? 

  • Experience the work they are studying for. 
  • Find support from employers and the institution or school where they study because they work hand in hand so that students always get the full experience. 
  • Companies and workers empower apprentices to learn new things. 
  • They face new challenges and thus begin to build their professional personality and grow into people with a strong opinion. 
  • This experience gives clear ideas of the world of work and motivation for the most responsibility. 
  • Apprenticeships help individuals even financially. 

The GWU encourages more companies to give students an educational opportunity to grow and strengthen in the industry they are studying. This initiative is very beneficial to businesses because new graduates already have experience in the workforce and know what the professional world requires of them. 

The GWU reminds us that any worker over the age of 16 can become a member of the largest workers’ union in Malta. The union goes step by step with all these member workers in every difficult situation they face at work.