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GWU members are not being treated properly

The GWU Government and Public Utilities Section has been informed about St. Vincent De Paul workers who are not being able to rest on their day off or in their free time.

GWU members who work at the San Vincenz residence are asked to take a swab test on their rest days. For workers in the medical field, it is their right and that of the patients to take regular swabs to protect themselves and their families during this pandemic.

The GWU disagrees with this decision to conduct the swab test during workers’ rest time. These members are already facing the pandemic and it is important that they take their rest time. The GWU stresses that these workers should take the test during their working hours or otherwise be compensated if they are called to take a swab test outside of their working hours.

The GWU adds that it is prepared to take action to protect members’ rights if no agreement is reached.